Thai Massage Treatments

Take a look at some of the treatments that Siripohn's Thai Massage in Placencia has to offer, all prices are in USD. If there is a treatment you would like to have done during your visit to placencia please fill out the form in the contact me page or by clicking here.

Oriental Thai Massage

60 Minutes for $65 and 90 Minutes for $85.
A unique style with a firm base in traditional Thai massage. Movements handed down through history. Wearing Siamese style pajamas, the whole body from scalp to toes. Benefits from the pressure point massage and stretching movements. Tension and stress disappear replaced with a feeling of energy and peace.

Essential Oil

60 Minutes for $65 and 90 Minutes for $85.
The concentrated blends of essential oils extracted from plants release their soothing properties into the skin during the face, scalp and body massage. The technique eases muscle tension, releases energy with acuppressure movements, and is the perfect answer to relieve stress.

Jet Lag Massage

60 Minutes for $60 and 90 Minutes for $75.
The ideal massage technique to banish the fatique and sluggishness associated with jet lag. The movements are performed to to stimulate and invigorate you. oil is used followed by a refreshing gel with cypress oil and menthol to leave you with a feeling of lightness.

Swedish Massage

60 Minutes for $60 and 90 Minutes for $75.
This is a European style massage with long stroke techniques. Special oil is worked over the muscle fibers which cause tension and discomfort. A personalized massage to promote a feeling of well being for the body, mind, and spirit.

Stress Recovery Back & Shoulder Massage

30 Minutes for $40.
The ideal massage to combat stiffness and stress. The movements are performed concentrating on the back and shoulders. This technique eases muscle tension and releases stiffness.

Oriental Foot Massage

30 Minutes for $40.
The sheer pleasure of a specific massage for the feet and lower leg is a very enticing option. All the energy meridians of the body are identified in the pressure points of the foot. Messaging the feet provides relaxation, soothes pain and releases blocked energy.

Complete Relaxing Treatment

90 Minutes for $85.
Start with a body treatment followed with an oil massage.

Papaya Body Polish

30 Minutes for $40.
The natural fruit within the papaya, gently removes the dead skin cells from the body, leaving it feeling refreshed and soft. The body is covered in the warm fruit, while enveloped with fluffy towels which allow the body heat to encourage the exfoliating benefit of the treatment. The perfect preperation before any massage.

Oriental Prelude Treatments

30 Minutes for $40.
A special preperation containing natural fruit acids from bananas and a blend of honey sprinkled with salt crystals are directly applied onto the wrap and the body. The warm mixture encourages the body's absorption of the preperation while the banana and honey extract nourishes. Salt crystals help in the removal of dead skin cells, leaving your skin extra soft and fully cleansed.

Coconut Hair Rinse

30 Minutes for $30.
This exotic coconut blend is a heavenly treat. The deep conditioning properties of cocnut milk restore moisture and sheen. To weather damaged hair. A foot massage compliments this luxorious treatment.

Facial Treatment - For All Skin Types.

60 Minutes for $50.
All skin types are affected by pollution and the sun. This facial treatment is most suitable to cleanse your skin and achieves a smooth texture and relaxes stress ans age related facial lines.

Sea Salt Glow.

30 Minutes for $40.
This treatment brings you the spa experience of the Dead Sea. The salt crystals calm the body, relax the muscle and ease aches and pains. The results smoothes the skin with a natural healthy glow. Your whole body recieves rejuvenating sense of well being.

The Oriental Body Glow.

30 Minutes for $40.
Ingredients combined with honey, the seeds and the green tea massaged on to damp skin, help exfoiiate the accumulation of dead skin cells which dull the skin. Other benefits are increased circulation making you glow, while the honey nourishes, and leaves you feeling extra soft and smooth. Also ideal before a relaxing massage.

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